Push Notifications

How to send web-push notification?

Purpose of the API
The purpose of the API is to send a web-push notification.

Request URL

Request Method
The API can be requested via POST

The format for the request input is: application/json

Security Headers

Name Value
X-Reson8-ID reson8rest-oa
X-Reson8-Token ada2dbe85881dd101af6e4854577f56a30c733eb31de07d84eeb3f83d11c6825
api-key Refer How to get access to the API key?
Request Attributes

Name Value
payloadTitle web-push payload title
payloadOptions web-push payload options
targetType target type (All/ID/User/Tag)
targetData one or more device-id/user/tag (max: 100)
startDateTime start date-time, applicable in tag-based targeting (format: yyyy-MM-dd
endDateTime end date-time, applicable in tag-based targeting (format: yyyy-MM-dd
Sample Request Body

"payloadTitle": "This is a test notification",
"payloadOptions": {},
"targetType": "All"

Response Attributes

Name Value
requestID unique request reference (available only post authentication)
errorLevel error category (available only post authentication)
procResponse status/error description
notificationID notification-id (if the notification was queued successfully)
Sample Response

"requestID": "abae3d40-9a70-4568-9dd1-6477cdbca876",
"errorLevel": 0,
"procResponse": "Device registered successfully",
"notificationID": "9bae3d409a7045689dd16477cdbca435"

Response Error-Levels

Name Value
0 request completed successfully
9000 invalid input structure
9001 data validation failure
9998/9999 unexpected application error

Exact error/status description will be available in the procResponse attribute in the response body

HTTP Response Codes

Name Value
200 OK
401 Unauthorized
429 Too many requests
500 Unexpected application error
503 Service temporarily not available